• Lace up your sneakers and sprint along with this marathon of a Tom Cruise running supercut

    This Supercut Confirms That Tom Cruise Really Likes His Running Scenes

    uproxx.com 16 Oct '16, 12am

    has been kind enough to craft an “Every Tom Cruise Run Ever” compilation so the planet can truly experience Cruise’s running prowess. Does Cruise’s character in Collateral run in a different style than his character in Vanilla Sky ? You know it, dude/dudette! There’s obviously a massi...

  • The Internet went HAM on these new Andrew Wiggins sneakers

    The Internet Went HAM On These New Andrew Wiggins Sneakers

    uproxx.com 17 Jun '16, 12am

    Adidas took a different strategy for Andrew Wiggins, though. Rather than the subtle, low-key look of the Curry’s, for the adidas Crazy Explosive PE Wiggins is rocking next season, they went for a field trip to 1994 with some lifted high-top kicks that look more like hiking boots than ...

  • Ben Simmons Buys A Fan $150 Sneakers At The Mall

    uproxx.com 25 Jul '16, 5pm

    Simmons didn’t have to do that. He could have just taken a picture with the boys and everyone would have been happy. But Simmons is making a little less then $6 million in the first year of his rookie deal with Philadelphia and has a four-year, $20 million contract with Nike, too, whi...

  • This is proof that Eli Manning should never dance the Salsa again #Giants

    This Is Proof That Eli Manning Should Never Dance The Salsa Again

    uproxx.com 10 May '16, 7pm

    Share This Video Facebook Twitter EMAIL Eli Manning is a guy who just never really seems comfortable in public when he’s not wearing pads and a helmet. The two-time Super Bowl MVP recently remarked on all the ways his big brother Peyton would mess with him when he was a kid, and he in...

  • Omri Casspi had Justin Anderson jumping out of his sneakers with a series of pump fakes

    Omri Casspi Pump-Faked Justin Anderson Out Of His Shoes On This Play

    uproxx.com 27 Mar '16, 11pm

    has turned into a real and present danger from long-range at this point in his career. Recognizing that reality, Mavs rookie Justin Anderson did his best to closeout on the Kings’ gunner on this play – arms and legs flailing wildly and hilariously – only to be head-faked out of his sh...

  • .@kobebryant wrote inspiring message to Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) on his exchanged sneakers

    Kobe Bryant Wrote Inspiring Message To Kevin Durant On Exchanged Shoes | UPROXX

    uproxx.com 24 Dec '15, 8pm

    The ridiculous pomp and mostly contrived drama surrounding Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour is sure to rub some the wrong way. Even his biggest detractors, though, can surely appreciate stuff like this as the Los Angeles Lakers legend embarks on his final season. After the Oklahoma City Th...

  • This grandma is not a fan of Kanye West's signature Yeezy sneakers

    This Grandma Thinks Your Prized Yeezy Sneakers Are ‘Stupid-Looking’ Trash – UPROXX

    uproxx.com 17 Jan '16, 2am

    Among the sharper critiques leveled by this granny are that the shoes are “very clumsy and stupid-looking” and that the derelicte color-scheme is “crappy.” She goes on to say that Kanye’s “style is terrible” before adding that a pair of Yeezys “sounds like nothing, looks like nothing,...

  • Michael Jordan Shut Down Macklemore’s Custom Air Jordan 6s

    uproxx.com 18 Aug '15, 6pm

    Macklemore went sneaker shopping with Complex recently, and the rapper talked about the different type of Jordans he prefers today and the sneakers he had growing up in Seattle. However, the best part of the video comes at around the 3:30 mark, where the “Thrift Shop” singer talks abo...