• What do you think of Derrick Rose's latest sneakers, the Adidas D Rose 6?

    What Do You Think Of The New Adidas D Rose 6?

    uproxx.com 26 Aug '15, 9pm

    The 2014-15 NBA season saw Derrick Rose suit up for 51 regular-season games. While still 31 games shy of a full season, it was the most contests he’d appeared in since becoming the youngest player in NBA history to win NBA MVP. So the D Rose 5 Boost was timed just right, and with the ...

  • Michael Jordan Shut Down Macklemore’s Custom Air Jordan 6s

    uproxx.com 18 Aug '15, 6pm

    Macklemore went sneaker shopping with Complex recently, and the rapper talked about the different type of Jordans he prefers today and the sneakers he had growing up in Seattle. However, the best part of the video comes at around the 3:30 mark, where the “Thrift Shop” singer talks abo...

  • Here’s Why Michael Jordan Can’t Choose Which NBA Players Sign With Jordan Brand

    Michael Jordan Can’t Choose Which NBA Players Sign With Jordan Brand

    uproxx.com 26 Aug '15, 3pm

    Michael Jordan is known for many things at this point: his basketball career, his brand of shoes, his basketball team (the Charlotte Hornets), and countless others. But one of his ventures has apparently gotten in the way of another, per Darren Rovell: NBA says MJ can't choose who get...

  • Action Bronson Is Reportedly Being Sued By A Puerto Rican Salsa Group Over Sampling Issues

    Action Bronson Sued Over Salsa Music Samples

    uproxx.com 19 Aug '15, 4pm

    While the hubbub following Ghostface Killah’s Internet ethering of Action Bronson has relatively subsided, another controversy has reared its head for the Queens rapper. TMZ reports that Bronsolini is being sued by Puerto Rican salsa group El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico for sampling iss...

  • The Time Michael Jordan Angrily Disposed Of Bow Wow’s Allen Iverson Sneakers: Getty ImageAs someone who starr...

    The Time Michael Jordan Took Bow Wow’s Allen Iverson Sneakers

    uproxx.com 23 Jul '15, 5pm

    As someone who starred in the 2002 film, Like Mike , actor and musician Lil’ Bow Wow should know that it’s all about the shoes. The 5-foot-7 emcee has had a close connection with basketball even before he starred in a movie filled with NBA stars. Over the years, he developed a tight r...

  • Blake Griffin And Marvin The Martian Had A Dunk Contest For Air Jordan

    uproxx.com 04 Aug '15, 7pm

    Space Jam has all over the place lately (because we MAKE IT SO ), which is fine by us. Looney Tunes and the NBA are a very silly combination, so it doesn’t require much more to make people smile. That’s why it was smart by Jordan Brand to use Marvin the Martian to help Blake Griffin p...

  • The Details: Air Jordan 5 ‘Pro Stars’

    The Details: Air Jordan 5 ‘Pro Stars’

    uproxx.com 12 Jun '15, 2pm

    June 6 will forever be remembered as “Easy Cop Saturday” for your boy Boogie. The Air Jordan 5 ‘Pro Stars’ might be getting a lot of hate for the funky color mashups, but I found them perfect to wear during daytime summer turnups. I’ll just be spraying a ton of water (read: spilled al...

  • Jordan Brand Unveils Their Spring 2016 'Legacy Shoe Collections' @Jumpman23

    Jordan Brand Unveils Their Spring 2016 ‘Legacy Shoe Collections’

    uproxx.com 10 Jun '15, 6pm

    Jordan Brand never fails to tell stories that frame Michael Jordan’s athletic career and convey stories built on the brand’s rich history. The trend continues with the release of pics and information for the Spring 2016 “Legacy Shoe Collection” which features three different packs, ea...