• Windows Azure SDK for Ruby - Softpedia

    webscripts.softpedia.com 27 Aug '15, 5am

    New in Windows Azure SDK for Ruby 0.6.3: Added get_cloud_service_properties method, which returns all cloud service properties (embed-detail=true), including info about all VMs. Added winrm_http_port and winrm_https_port to get_virtual_machine method to allow the users to configure cu...

  • Ruby - Softpedia

    webscripts.softpedia.com 23 Aug '15, 10pm

    Ranked in one of the World's Top 10 most used programming languages, Ruby has been used for lots of known projects across the Web, the most famous being Twitter, a website working mostly on top of a Ruby-based framework. Ruby is also considered one of the most easiest programming lang...

  • High Voltage - Softpedia

    webscripts.softpedia.com 02 Aug '15, 12pm

    High Voltage reads an ERB template file, inserts the content and renders out a static HTML page. While this technique is not new at all, High Voltage doesn't go into the fine details a normal static site generator will go to. The module only includes the page rendering system, without...

  • Redcarpet - Softpedia

    webscripts.softpedia.com 02 Aug '15, 6am

    It is a fast and safe Markdown to (X)HTML parser for Ruby apps. Redcarpet is a Ruby wrapper for the famous Upskirt C library, specialized in manipulating Markdown syntax. Bby default, Redcarpet parses standard Markdown (with no extensions) and offers a sane subset of parse options whi...

  • Broccoli - Softpedia

    webscripts.softpedia.com 24 Jul '15, 5am

    Broccoli works based on a "Brocfile.js" file. In this file developers can place various build (compilation) instructions which are executed every time an application is loaded on the client's side. By running the "broccoli serve" command, any changes to the original "built" files trig...

  • kramdown - Softpedia

    webscripts.softpedia.com 16 Jul '15, 2am

    The kramdown library works by reading the inputted code and outputting it to various formats like: - HTML - PDF - LaTeX - kramdown syntax The library uses its own Markdown superset known as kramdown syntax, but it can also support as input regular Markdown, GitHub Flavored Markdown, a...

  • Alchemy CMS - Softpedia

    webscripts.softpedia.com 13 Jul '15, 5am

    Alchemy CMS can be installed as any other Ruby gem and can be easily setup and deployed within minutes. Alchemy is a top product when it comes to CMSs, being an ideal product if you develop websites for small to medium businesses.

  • Gobot - Softpedia

    webscripts.softpedia.com 11 Jul '15, 10am

    Gobot allows developers to write applications that control physical hardware via Google's Go language. Gobot supports common I/O drivers and a few major hardware platforms as well. This enables programmers to start writing their code and run it without any problems on various devices ...