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Class: HTTPClient — Documentation for httpclient (2.8.3) https://t.co/sow6SykCVn

Revocation check. On JRuby you can set following options to let HTTPClient to perform revocation check with CRL and OCSP: -J-Dcom.sun.security.enableCRLDP=true -J-Dcom.sun.net.ssl.checkRevocation=true ex. jruby -J-Dcom.sun.security.enableCRLDP=true -J-Dcom.sun.net.ssl.checkRevocation=true app.rb Revoked cert example: https://test-sspev.verisign.com:2443/test-SSPEV-revoked-verisign.html On other platform you can download CRL by yourself and set it via SSLConfig#add_crl.

Full article: http://www.rubydoc.info/gems/httpclient/HTTPClient


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