12 Aug '17, 5pm

Ruby on Rails Explained for… by Miles Matthias [PDF/iPad/Kindle] https://t.co/wFBsDiktGf

Miles Matthias (@miles_matthias) is the CTO of @EquityEats. In between trips and sips, usually with planes and bourbon, Miles enjoys talking to people about difficult challenges and tapping on his keyboard to help solve them. Miles moved to Boulder in January of 2012, after meeting his future wife and picking up degrees in Computer Science and Information Assurance in Omaha, Nebraska. Boulder was his ninth move after growing up in Virginia, Kansas, Illinois, and Indiana, and would be more than happy if Colorado became his permanant home. With experience in network security monitoring, vulnerability assessments, red hat teaming, bash scripting, and web and iOS development, Miles enjoys building simple and beautiful applications, contributing to the open source community, and writing about his life experiences.

Full article: https://leanpub.com/rorfrontend


Why Ruby on Rails is ideal for Web App development

Why Ruby on Rails is ideal for Web App development

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Simple article explaining Polymorphic Associati...

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Well, that is kinda true, but we have to change it a little while using polymorphic associations (if you forgot, they mean...

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

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You are a Ruby on Rails Developer with strong skills in web development, mentoring others, API development, and software a...