08 Jan '13, 2pm

Ruby Science: How to Eliminate Feature Envy and Comments

January 8, 2013 hrward ruby on rails ruby ruby science Ruby Science: How to Eliminate Feature Envy and Comments Since launching Ruby Science we’ve written and released five new chapters. If you’ve previously purchased the book, you can log into GitHub to download the latest version. Here’s what we’ve added: Code smells Comments Feature Envy Solutions Introduce Explaining Variable Introduce Form Object Move Method The book is a work in progress, and we’ve now got around 60 pages of content. The purchase also includes an example application and support for any Ruby, Rails, and Refactoring questions you have. You can get access now for an early purchase price of $39. This will increase to $49 on January 31, 2013. Download a free sample of Ruby Science today. hrward ruby on rails ruby ruby science

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Ruby 2.0.0-rc1 was released

ruby-forum.com 07 Jan '13, 4pm

Japanese follows; $BF|K\8l$O$"$H$G(B Hello all -- We are pleased to announce the release of Ruby 2.0.0-rc1, the first rele...

Ruby 1.9.3-p374 is released.

ruby-lang.org 17 Jan '13, 8am

Now Ruby 1.9.3-p374 is released. This release includes many bug fixes. Especially, Fixed randomly SEGV problem (often repo...

Ruby on Railsに複数の脆弱性……認証が回避される可能性

rbbtoday.com 09 Jan '13, 9am

 IPA(情報処理推進機構)セキュリティセンターおよびJPCERTコーディネーションセンター(JPCERT/CC)は9日、「Ruby on Railsに複数の脆弱性」を、脆弱性対策情報ポータルサイト「JVN」において公表した。  今回公開された...

Twitter Data Science Event at [email protected]

nushackers.org 18 Jan '13, 2am

Linus Lee is a Senior Data Scientist at Twitter, where his job is to derive insights from large amounts of data to help gu...

Ruby 開発備忘録: vanityとchankoを使ってRailsで簡単安全にABテストをする

face-do.blogspot.com 10 Jan '13, 2pm

module Sample include Chanko::Unit active_if do |context, options| ab_test(:price_options) end scope(:controller) do funct...