11 Jan '13, 9am

Ruby on Railsが深刻な脆弱性に対処

Rails Core Teamは7日(米国時間)、Ruby on Railsに発見された深刻な脆弱性に対処したバージョンを公開 した。Ruby on Railsは、Rubyで開発されたWebアプリケーションフレームワーク。今回のアップデートではAction PackとActive Record/JSONにあった脆弱性が修正されている。対処された2つの脆弱性は次のとおり。

Full article: http://news.mynavi.jp/news/2013/01/11/222/index.html


"Ruby 1.9.3-p374 リリース"

ruby-lang.org 17 Jan '13, 8am

<URL:ftp://ftp.ruby-lang.org/pub/ruby/1.9/ruby-1.9.3-p374.tar.bz2> SIZE: 10017658 bytes MD5: 944e73eba9ee9e1f2647ff32ec0b1...

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp in Seattle

codefellows.org 10 Jan '13, 2pm

Immersive education is the best way to learn how to code. You'll be living and breathing Ruby on Rails every day of the we...

Time Zones, Ruby on Rails, and MySQL

reddit.com 11 Jan '13, 2am

Time zones in Rails can be a little confusing because they add support by modifying existing Ruby core/stdlib classes. Rub...

Ruby 1.9.3-p374 is released.

ruby-lang.org 17 Jan '13, 8am

Now Ruby 1.9.3-p374 is released. This release includes many bug fixes. Especially, Fixed randomly SEGV problem (often repo...

Update Ruby now before it goes off the Rails

Update Ruby now before it goes off the Rails

pcworld.com 10 Jan '13, 10pm

Do you use Ruby on Rails? If so, it’s time to update. Now. Ruby on Rails is an open source Web application framework built...

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ثغره في إطار عمل Ruby on Rails

isecur1ty.org 12 Jan '13, 8pm

Exploiting Ruby on Rails with metasploit

New eBook - "Programming the Web with #Ruby" Pr...

rubylearning.com 13 Jan '13, 3am

Programming the Web with Ruby eBook is an easy-to-follow and a complete step-by-step guide to quickly understand and start...

New flaw in Ruby on Rails:

New flaw in Ruby on Rails:

infosecurity-magazine.com 09 Jan '13, 1pm

Earlier today the Internet Storm Center (ISC) reported , “A SQL Injection Flaw (CVE-2012-5664) was announced last week (Ja...

Ruby on Railsに複数の脆弱性……認証が回避される可能性

rbbtoday.com 09 Jan '13, 9am

 IPA(情報処理推進機構)セキュリティセンターおよびJPCERTコーディネーションセンター(JPCERT/CC)は9日、「Ruby on Railsに複数の脆弱性」を、脆弱性対策情報ポータルサイト「JVN」において公表した。  今回公開された...

Ruby on Rails に複数の脆弱性

jvn.jp 09 Jan '13, 3am

US-CERT Vulnerability Note VU#380039 Ruby on Rails contains multiple vulnerabilities in parameter parsing in the Action Pa...

Ruby 2.0.0-rc1 was released

ruby-forum.com 07 Jan '13, 4pm

Japanese follows; $BF|K\8l$O$"$H$G(B Hello all -- We are pleased to announce the release of Ruby 2.0.0-rc1, the first rele...