17 Sep '17, 5am

[email protected] - Ruby/Rails/PostgreSQL (via @KrautComputing)

.@KrautComputing - Ruby/Rails/PostgreSQL (via @KrautComputing)

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.@akhtaboot - Ruby/Rails/PostgreSQL (via @akhtaboot)

[email protected] - Ruby/Rails/PostgreSQL (via @akhta...

stackshare.io 15 Sep '17, 3pm

Akhtaboot is an online career network that is committed to providing a user-friendly, effective and efficient way of linki...

Flip-Flop Qubit Could Make Silicon the King of Quantum Computing

Flip-Flop Qubit Could Make Silicon the King of ...

spectrum.ieee.org 13 Sep '17, 1pm

Headline-grabbing quantum computing efforts by Google and IBM have mostly focused on building quantum bits, called qubits,...

Get ready for the coming era of fog computing

embedded-computing.com 06 Sep '17, 6pm

The IT pendulum is again in motion, as we shift away from cloud towards a more distributed computing model. Gartner says t...

via @eetimes

eetimes.com 14 Sep '17, 6am

TORONTO — A novel algorithm developed by IBM scientists is improving the understanding of complex chemical reactions and o...