15 Jan '13, 8am


herokuでつくる 50人のためのRailsアプリ やきとりい 5 Presentations Sign in to Like 11 Fans Published in Programming Stats 476 Views Share Twitter, Facebook Embed Direct Link Download PDF Explore 11 Fans Description 13.Jan.2013 東京Ruby会議10 Other Presentations by this Speaker Rails is your power Dec 15, 2012 by やきとりい RailsGirlsと手榴弾とわたし Dec 1, 2012 by やきとりい より高く飛ぶためのはったり活用法 Nov 7, 2012 by やきとりい Other Presentations in Programming PHP: The good, the bad and the ugly Dec 17, 2012 by Giuseppe Capizzi Git lightning talk Jan 11, 2013 by Caio Gondim Internet Explorer 10: 重新想像網站設計 Jan 15, 2013 by Eric Shangkuan Featured Presentations Clean out your Sass Junk-Drawer Jan 9, 2013 by Dale Sande Designing for robots not humans Dec 14, 2012 by Tammie Lister How To Stay Up To Date on Web Technology Dec 12, 2012 by chriscoyier Fans of this Presentation Speaker Bio View Speaker Details

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