18 Jan '13, 2am

Introducing ElementalJS and the Behaviour Pattern:

Introducing ElementalJS and the Behaviour Pattern:

We’ll come to ElementalJS a little later but first I wanted to describe the problem it’s trying to solve. The problem with current Javascript design patterns There seems to be two mainstream ways of building Javascript applications: DOM event listeners with callback spaghetti or full blown object oriented MVC architecture. The listeners and callbacks pattern works well for small applications where the entire file fits on your screen. After that it can be difficult to track down where the handlers are for certain events. It can be even more difficult when trying to debug in a browser console when you’re trying to find the handler for that interaction in question. Object oriented Javascript has been gaining ground but with so many options of which framework to choose from it can feel like an application is putting it’s eggs in one basket by using one of those frameworks. Eac...

Full article: http://pivotallabs.com/introducing-elementaljs/


GDocs at the heart of Symposia Group Registration for my Animal Behaviour class

GDocs at the heart of Symposia Group Registrati...

otterman.wordpress.com 18 Jan '13, 9am

Awaiting me in Week 1 of the new semester every January is a registration exercise I run for students taking LSM1303 Anima...

Introducing the "New Callaway" #wrx

Introducing the "New Callaway" #wrx

golfwrx.com 28 Jan '13, 3pm

Callaway is not the same company as it was last year. We’ve been covering the PGA Merchandise Show for more than eight yea...