18 Jan '13, 6pm

Three new chapters added to Ruby Science: clean up your callbacks and validations

January 18, 2013 jferris ruby rails ruby science Ruby Science: Improving Callbacks and Validations We have three new chapters to announce this week in Ruby Science. If you’re already reading Ruby Science, make sure to log into GitHub and download the latest version. Here’s what’s new: Code smells Callback Solutions Extract Validator Replace Callback with Method The book is a work in progress, and currently contains around 76 pages of content. Purchasing the book also gets you access to the companion example application, as well as the ability to send thoughtbot your toughest Ruby, Rails, and refactoring questions. If you haven’t already purchased it, you can still get access for the early purchase price of $39. In less than two weeks, the price will increase to $49. Download a free sample of Ruby Science today. jferris ruby rails ruby science

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