18 Jan '13, 10pm

Get your Cocoa project off the ground with Liftoff, opinionated settings for Xcode.

Setting up a new Xcode project is as simple as ⇧⌘N. Unless you want to do things the right way, at which point there are a number of other configurations you need to worry about: .gitignore , .gitattributes , project level indentation settings, warning levels, etc. After doing the same setup procedure a few times, you can make it a relatively quick process. But it’s 2013, and we’re living in the future now. We have the technology to build tacocopters , but I still have to set my error levels manually? That’s just ridiculous.

Full article: http://robots.thoughtbot.com/post/40870101931/opinionated...


Get your app noticed with Peter the penguin - e27

Get your app noticed with Peter the penguin - e27

e27.sg 19 Jan '13, 4am

If you’ve built a great app, and want people to know about your brilliant idea, you need to know how to effectively market...