07 Dec '17, 11pm

Why Would You Use a Static IP Address?

Another approach to think about a static IP deliver is to consider something like an email address, or a physical street number. These addresses absolutely never show signs of change - they're static - and it makes reaching or discovering somebody simple. 
So also, a static IP address is helpful on the off chance that you have a site from home, have a record server in your system, are utilizing arranged printers, are sending ports to a particular gadget, are running a print server, or in the event that you utilize a remote access program. Since a static IP address never shows signs of change, different gadgets dependably know precisely how to contact a gadget that utilizations one. 
For instance, say you set up a static IP address for one of the PCs in your home system. Once the PC has a particular deliver fixing to it, you can set up your switch to constantly forward certain inbound demands specifically to that PC. 
Not utilizing a static IP address (utilizing a dynamic IP that changes) would turn into a bother in case you're facilitating a site, for instance, in light of the fact that with each new IP address that the PC gets, you'd need to change the switch settings to forward solicitations to that new address. Fail to do this would mean no one could get to your site in light of the fact that your switch has no clue which gadget in your system is the one that is serving the site. 
Another case of a static IP address at work is with DNS servers. DNS servers utilize static IP tends to so your gadget dependably knows how to associate with them. On the off chance that they changed frequently, you'd need to routinely reconfigure those DNS servers on your switch or PC to continue utilizing the web like you're utilized to. 
Static IP addresses are additionally helpful for when the gadget's area name is out of reach. PCs that interface with a document server in a working environment's system, for example, could be set up to dependably associate with the server utilizing the server's static IP rather than its hostname. Regardless of whether the DNS server is breaking down, the PCs could at present access the document server since they'd be speaking with it straightforwardly through the IP address. 
With remote access applications like Windows Remote Desktop, utilizing a static IP address implies you can simply get to that PC with a similar address. Utilizing an IP address that progressions will, once more, expect you to dependably realize what it changes to so you can utilize that new address for the remote association.

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