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08 Dec '17, 12am

A wireless network means a network which connected with two terminals (Laptop, wifi ect) can communicate without any wired connection

  • Every major iOS update with fantastic new features makes us can't wait to produce an upgrade on our iPhone iPad and try them all at once. However, every new iOS software update brings us some tough problems that repeat again and again, from iOS 7 to iOS 9, like battery problems, iPhone no service, Wi-Fi problems, iMessages problems, Bluetooth problems, iPhone iPad reboot randomly, etc. By no accident, they repeat again in this iOS 10/11/11.1/11.2 upgrade.
  • To assist you to make a smooth upgrade, in this post, we shall focus on iPhone iPad Wi-Fi problems (we also call it internet problems), and collect the most typical iOS 11.2/11.1/11/10 Wifi issues on iPhone iPad (iPhone X included) and the solutions. If you are stuck any Wi-Fi or internet problem like, find your iPhone/iPad Wi-Fi not working, unable to join the network, iPhone/iPad not connecting to WiFi, Wi-Fi won't turn on, Wifi grayed out, etc., read this guide to locate solutions to fix them in minutes. These solutions also work with iPhone X Wi-Fi issue.
 Wireless Network Deployment