30 Jan '13, 6pm

Interested in sponsoring MWRC? We just released out 2013 sponsorship prospectus.

MWRC 2013 is a three day single-track conference covering Ruby and DevOps. The DevOps track will be on April 3, and the Ruby track will be April 4-5. We expect 300 attendees per day, and 350 unique attendees across all three days. MWRC values technical excellence above all else. We are a hacker’s conference, first and foremost. We have a proven track record of attracting thought-leaders to both speak and attend. We extend opportunities for companies to influence our attendees at the conference sessions and during the official hackfest event, as well as to the community at large through the recordings available online. Scholarships Sponsors are encouraged to donate unused tickets to the MWRC scholarship program. Tickets will be made available to those wanting to attend but without financial means. Sponsors donating tickets to the MWRC scholarship program will be displayed o...

Full article: http://mtnwestrubyconf.org/2013/prospectus


top group of nutritionists

top group of nutritionists

grist.org 28 Jan '13, 5pm

Seven years ago, when I was conducting research for my second book about food, farming, and healthy eating, I spent some t...

Speaking at MWRC DevOps 2013:

mtnwestrubyconf.org 24 Jan '13, 5pm

At GitHub, we've been growing pretty quickly and that sort of growth presents a lot of challenges. We were feeling the pai...