01 Feb '13, 7pm

Prueben Haskell. Pueden probarlo directo desde el browser, y no muerde.

Try Haskell! An interactive tutorial in your browser Reset Welcome to your first taste of Haskell! Let's try Haskell right now! Beginners Type help to start the tutorial. Type lessons to see the list of lessons. Or try typing these out and see what happens (click to insert) : 23*36 reverse "hello" Learn More Real World Haskell! Get stuck into a book with Real World Haskell (readable online!) or Learn You a Haskell For Great Good! (readable online!) . Check out Haskell.org for more information about Haskell. For more fun, use codepad.org to run full Haskell programs. Evaluation service and Try Haskell by Chris Done, concept and interface blatantly copied from _why's Try Ruby! , Haskell evaluator powered by a patched version of Gwern Branwen's mueval , console library proudly written in JQuery.

Full article: http://tryhaskell.org/