08 Feb '13, 12pm

Dear @padrinorb users, upgrade Rack immediately:

All Rack users, including all Padrino users, should upgrade their Rack dependency as soon as possible. Multiple severe issues have been found, one of them including a potential remote code execution. This is espcially important if you are using Rack::Session::Cookie, which Padrino activates by default. See the Rack website for details.

Full article: http://www.padrinorb.com/blog/upgrade-rack-immediately


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rack.github.com 08 Feb '13, 8am

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Важное обновление Rack

rubyflow.ru 09 Feb '13, 10am

CVE-2013-0262, symlink path traversal in Rack::File CVE-2013-0263, timing attack against Rack::Session::Cookie

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New ASICMiner rack pictures #bitcoin

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