I'm guessing my Ruby @posterous to Markdown export script is going to get some use

The goal is to have a script that exports an entire Posterous blog to disk, formatted in such a way to easily drop into the _posts folder of popular static site generators such as Octopress. Goals "just works" on Mac OS X edit file or pass in username / API tokens on the command line output all posts as individual Markdown-formatted text files support for categories download and locally store Posterous-hosted images How to Use Download the file Edit the file with name of your Posterous site + set file paths Run script ./posterous-export.rb

Full article: http://projects.bmannconsulting.com/posterous-export/


New blog post : A sort of tribute to Posterous, a service that I love loads. Thank you @posterous and @agarwal

New blog post : A sort of tribute to Posterous,...

rinaz.net 22 Feb '13, 10am

Oh wow, 600 megs of memories. I cannot emphasize enough that it is such a shame that Posterous had to close down. I know f...

Twitter follower script?

blackhatworld.com 17 Feb '13, 4pm

Hey, I was seeking around for a working twitter follower script. Like; You insert the name and password of the account. Be...