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Git merge vs. rebase

Merge vs. rebase By Mislav Marohnić on 20 Feb 2013 The short: git pull --rebase instead of git pull git rebase -i @{u} before git push (on “feature”) git merge master (on “master”) git merge -no-ff feature However if “feature” contains only 1 commit, avoid the merge commit: (on “master”) git cherry-pick feature The long: If you enjoy this post, check out my git tips you didn’t know about ! Avoid merge commits that result from git pull When you want to push your changes to a branch, but someone else already pushed before you, you have to pull in their changes first. Normally, git does a merge commit in that situation. Such merge commits can be numerous, especially between a team of people who push their changes often. Those merges convey no useful information to others, and litter the project’s history. You should always pull with git pull --rebase . To avoid having to alwa...

Full article: http://mislav.uniqpath.com/2013/02/merge-vs-rebase/


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