20 Mar '13, 8pm

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#17 HABTM Checkboxes (revised) Dec 22, 2011 | 6 minutes | Active Record , Views , Forms A many-to-many association can be edited through check boxes in a form. Here I show how to do this with a has_many through association complete with clickable labels. Subscribe to Watch Episode Tweet Show Notes ASCIIcast 31 Comments Similar Episodes Next Episode > < Previous Episode This is a revised episode, see the original episode . Subscribe to RailsCasts Pro to access this episode and other pro and revised episodes. Only $9 per month. Learn more about RailsCasts Pro

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Episode 22: Eager Loading (revised)

railscasts.com 21 Mar '13, 4am

One way to improve performance is to reduce the number of database queries through eager loading. Here I demonstrate this ...

Wale Brings Out "Lightning" Air Jordan 17's (@Wale @Jumpman23)

Wale Brings Out "Lightning" Air Jordan 17's (@W...

sneakerwatch.com 21 Mar '13, 7pm

Rapper Wale has always been on point with his sneaker game as he's been seen in some of the most popular kicks released an...