24 Mar '13, 1am

@codefinger The bottom documentation link on is broken. Figured you'd know who to tell

Browse JRuby API Javadocs online We greatly appreciate patches and pull requests for documentation updates. Please visit the Contribute page for more information on sending JRuby source patches. Recent Articles The Pleasures of JRuby: Leap Motion Hacking and JRuby Deploying with JRuby in the Cloud Multi-threading in JRuby Riding JRuby on Rails on SAP NetWeaver Cloud: the cloud case RailsCasts #376: JRuby Basics Zero-Downtime Deploys with JRuby JRuby Rake Vs Ant Recent Videos Why JRuby Works Deploy, Scale and Sleep at Night with JRuby

Full article: http://jruby.org/documentation


Does this bit of Rails documentation feel a lit...

apidock.com 31 Mar '13, 10pm

Tries to load the first record; if it fails, then create is called with the same arguments as this method. Expects argumen...