24 Mar '13, 10am


Actually, in any Boolean type fields - the notion of 'Required' vs. 'Not Required' has no significant. If you leave the field without touching and even if default value is not set - it actually defaults to 'false' and that is legitimate value. Alternatively, nothing can force the user to check or uncheck in case of Boolean fields even if you critically need input (by making it required) So while, field may be required it wont force you to select the issues as private!

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#sgfoodreview The Private Room - A Pictorial

#sgfoodreview The Private Room - A Pictorial

timelessfacade.com 24 Mar '13, 2pm

In short, the food at The Private Room isn't that great even though wagyu burger and lobster is on the menu. But its a nic...

Alright, golf fans! We've released our starting...

pgatour.com 23 Mar '13, 4am

This list is for informational purposes only. Field is subject to change. Player can contact PGA TOUR Headquarters for the...