06 Apr '13, 10am


As a side note I personally think this conversation should be made public, Open is better. Totally my opinion, but I wasn't sure what you others thought, I'll remove the private flag. Probably but this is not illegal, so what can we do next? IANAL, but I know that it's illegal in Germany (somewhere in the UrhG), even if the information is publicly displayed. Send them an email to get explanations? Send an eMail to all of our users, tell them what happened and make them aware of the "hide email" checkbox. Inform them that unwanted commercial email is illegal in most countries and that they are free to contact Easy Redmine or law enforcement, if they think they ought to. Make the Hide the email address box checked by default? I don't think that's necessary, let the user decide...

Full article: http://www.redmine.org/issues/13648#note-8