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I'm sure you will get a variety of different takes. There are a few items that are worthy of considerations, such as: o - Do you prefer working with a lightweight or a heavyweight widget set? In other words, some widget sets go down to the "bare metal" while others sit atop the native OS widget set as a wrapper. o - Are licensing terms a concern? Qt isn't totally 100% free, open source software if you are using it for commercial purposes. o - Do you feel more comfortable working in a more OO widget building environment? If so then Qt seems _to me_ to be more in the spirit of OO than does GTK. Qt is rooted in C++, where GTK is rooted in C. o - Are you looking for GUI builder helper applications to assist you? If so then GTK has Glade and Qt has Qt Designer. And these helper apps have varying integration into Ruby, Python, etc. programming languages. The first thing I would ...

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@vestige_ ここに Ruby とは?の記述がありました。

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