16 Apr '13, 3pm

sequelで作ったモデルを操作するときのメソッド一覧 / “Sequel::Model::ClassMethods”

Whether to raise an error when unable to typecast data for a column (default: true). This should be set to false if you want to use validations to display nice error messages to the user (e.g. most web applications). You can use the validates_not_string validations (from either the validation_helpers or validation_class_methods standard plugins) in connection with option to check for typecast failures for columns that aren't blobs or strings.

Full article: http://sequel.rubyforge.org/rdoc/classes/Sequel/Model/Cla...


Musings Of A Model: Episode 3-"...to sweet candy"

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99% of photos taken by me. 98% of photos taken with 35mm or 120mm film.

#Sequel for #ActiveRecord users, great resource...

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and ActiveRecord use the active record pattern of database access, where model instances are objects that wrap a row in a ...