17 Apr '13, 6am

Just stumbled upon Remember meeting @chadfowler, @dhh, Curt Hibbs, and some other fine folks.rb over pizza in Chicago

Tonight, Kelly and I are headed off to Chicago. I’ll be attending 37 Signals’ “Building of Basecamp” workshop on Friday. On Saturday, there is a Ruby meet at Giordano’s pizza downtown (and then moving to a conference room at a company somewhere) at noon. It looks like the event is at maximum capacity, whatever that means, but I bet if you haven’t gotten your name on the list you could probably still muscle your way in for some pizza and some chatting. There will be an exciting cast of characters present, including the elusive Curt Hibbs , Python insurgent Ian Bicking , Ajax master Sam Stephenson , and of course our friend from Denmark .

Full article: http://chadfowler.com/blog/2005/04/21/chicago-ruby-meet/




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Sneaker Con Chicago - May 11, 2013 @SneakerCon

Sneaker Con Chicago - May 11, 2013 @SneakerCon

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