18 Apr '13, 9am

Sinatra の Inline Template 便利だな。

List of locals passed to the document. Handy with partials. Example: erb "<%= foo %>", :locals => {:foo => "bar"} default_encoding String encoding to use if uncertain. Defaults to settings.default_encoding . views Views folder to load templates from. Defaults to settings.views . layout Whether to use a layout (true or false ), if it's a Symbol, specifies what template to use. Example: erb :index, :layout => !request.xhr? content_type Content-Type the template produces, default depends on template language. scope Scope to render template under. Defaults to the application instance. If you change this, instance variables and helper methods will not be available. layout_engine Template engine to use for rendering the layout. Useful for languages that do not support layouts otherwise. Defaults to the engine used for the template. Example: set :rdoc, :layout_engine => :erb layo...

Full article: http://www.sinatrarb.com/intro.html#Inline%20Templates


#Ruby #Sinatra Book

sinatra-book.gittr.com 20 Apr '13, 2pm

Sinatra supports many different template engines (it uses the Tilt library internally to support practically every templat...

iPad Wallpaper Template via @apfelguide

iPad Wallpaper Template via @apfelguide

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In-Line Search Term Reporting Coming to Bing Ads

In-Line Search Term Reporting Coming to Bing Ads

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