28 Apr '13, 6am

Redmine pluginのライセンシーは本体のライセンス気にしなくていいのね。

It is necessary to distribute redmine plugins under the GPL License? As i understand GPL licence - answer is yes. Cause redmine and plugins used one space. It similar like wordpress or joomla plugins But some guys ignore this requirements of GPL example Is it necessary to distribute redmine plugins at all? No. Gpl allow to develop gpl code without distribution. But since you distribute some product you should distibute them source code.

Full article: http://www.redmine.org/boards/4/topics/27405


#Redmine #Sidekiq plugin release.

redmine.org 25 Apr '13, 8pm

Author: ogomori takashi Website: https://github.com/ogom/redmine_sidekiq Code repository: https://github.com/ogom/redmine_...

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Redmine - Features - Redmine:

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