02 May '13, 3pm

Emacs Lisp: Toggle Between a Clojure String and Keyword

When I was doing a fair bit of Ruby I often used the TextMate 's shortcut (Ctrl+:) to convert a Ruby String to a Symbol or a Ruby Symbol to a String. It's something I've periodically missed while doing Clojure, and yesterday I found myself in the middle of a refactoring that was going to force the conversion of 5+ Clojure Keywords to Strings. The following emacs lisp is my solution for toggling between Clojure Strings and Keywords. The standard disclaimers apply - it works on my machine, and I've never claimed to know emacs lisp well. A quick video of the behavior:

Full article: http://blog.jayfields.com/2013/05/emacs-lisp-toggle-betwe...


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