21 May '13, 2am

A Responsible Recipe for the Fewest Possible Meetings via @pivotallabs

Meetings are crucial to healthy team communication. But they’re also opportunities for waste, occasionally dull, and always expensive. Every team is different, but continuing the theme of “Convention over configuration for process”, I’ve found the following structure keeps meetings to ~7.5% of your week. This minimizes waste, maximizes making-time, and makes for a nice scheduling default for projects. 1. Daily Standup 5x weekly, 10 minutes each Standup is a short, team-wide orientation meeting. Each morning, the team meets for a the Team Stand-Up meeting. As it’s name implies, everyone should be standing up—even if they’re remote and parked behind a screen. Meetings tend to run short when everyone’s on their feet, and there isn’t much to cover anyway, just three canonical questions: What did you do yesterday? What are you doing today? Are you blocked on anything? Since the...

Full article: http://pivotallabs.com/fewest-possible-meetings/


Finding Pivotal

pivotallabs.com 21 May '13, 4am

The year is 2005. I’m one year out of school, and a year into a job doing PHP web development at a small development firm ...

DIY Recipe for Eco-Friendly and Healthy Deodorant

DIY Recipe for Eco-Friendly and Healthy Deodorant

ecorazzi.com 21 May '13, 10am

Aluminum is an active ingredient in antiperspirants that blocks sweat glands so that you stay dry. If it builds up in your...

Pairing at @pivotallabs, illustrated

Pairing at @pivotallabs, illustrated

pivotallabs.com 28 May '13, 1pm

There are particular tropes that come up again and again when pairing. I’ve decided to canonize a few as comics. Enjoy!

BISC cutoff is this today at Midnight! @AmericanBusAssn

BISC cutoff is this today at Midnight! @America...

buses.org 31 May '13, 7pm

If necessary, download the free Adobe Reader . Click "Register Now!" above. A new window will open, where you will be prom...