26 May '13, 2pm

Tahukah kamu bahwa situs Jembatan Keledai dibangun menggunakan framework Sinatra? Lihat di sini

Sinatra::SimpleNavigation Easy creation of navigations (with multiple levels) with sinatra and the simple-navigation gem sinatra_more Library with agnostic generators, form builders, named route mappings, easy mailer support, and more. Sinatra’s Hat Mount models as web services in Sinatra with ease Classy Resources Think resources controller, except for sinatra Sinatra Ditties A collection of plugins and useful helpers Chicago runtime and testing helpers, extensions, and macros commonly used by Thumblemonks Capinatra Quickly deploy Sinatra apps to Passenger. Frankie Easy creation of Facebook applications with Sinatra and the Facebook gem Sinatra Application Template Base app with DataMapper, Haml and RSpec. Fork and build. Sinatra OAuth Provider an OAuth provider implemented with Sinatra Spork Executes some aynchronous code using Sinatra running under Passenger Retweet Cre...

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Sinatra: The Blog via @kippt

sinatrarb.com 04 Jun '13, 12am

There are a lot of Sinatra extensions out there, and some of those are used by a large number of apps, like sinatra-conten...