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Short description: 'goto' for ruby. :-) Category: Library /Evil Status: squishy Created: 2003-06-06 05:06:14 GMT Last update: - Owner: Ryan Pavlik (Projects of this owner ) Homepage: not available Download: http://ogmo.mephle.org/ruby-goto.tar.gz License: GPL Dependency: None Description: This is a simple label-based goto for ruby. Just to show that it can be done. Also to show that even though ruby may support certain features, even features that may be terribly abusable, does not mean that everyone will, in fact, terribly abuse them. ;-)

Full article: http://raa.ruby-lang.org/project/ruby-goto/


Luxury at the library

Luxury at the library

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In marked contrast to the stillness of the library and the bedrooms comes Food for Thought, a residential dining room that...