05 Jun '13, 4am

[Rails][Ruby][プログラミング] / “「壊れてねぇなら直すな」という発想はRailsにはないのかも - [email protected]公式ブログ”

[Rails][Ruby][プログラミング] / “「壊れてねぇなら直すな」という発想はRailsにはないのかも - QA@IT公式ブログ”

Rename all action callbacks from *_filter to *_action to avoid the misconception that these 4 callbacks are only suited for transforming or halting the response. With the new style, it’s more inviting to use them as they were intended, like setting shared ivars for views.

Full article: http://qa-it.tumblr.com/post/52191914259/rails