23 Jun '13, 8pm

Geek glossary: re-entrant and idempotent via @pivotallabs

Whilst writing some Chef recipes for our project’s Continuous Integration server the other day, my pair and I came across a commit message to some third party code that claimed to make a routine re-entrant . We both realised that we didn’t clearly understand the difference between re-entrancy and idempotency and decided to look the terms up. Here are my rough re-definitions of the two terms, in the context of Chef, for the wiki-weary: Re-entrancy The ability for a routine to complete successfully after a previous, interrupted call. Idempotency The ability for a routine to be called multiple times, producing the same side effects. Note the difference between mathematical or functional programming idempotency and the kind of idempotency we care about when writing Chef recipes: a system for automating machine configuration, such as Chef, necessarily produces side effects on t...

Full article: http://pivotallabs.com/geek-glossary-re-entrant-idempotent/


Coffee Glossary

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Geek glossary: stub via @pivotallabs

pivotallabs.com 06 Jul '13, 9pm

Over the next few blog posts I intend to bang a few more nails in the coffin of the widespread misunderstanding of stubs, ...

We're hiring!

We're hiring!

name.com 25 Jun '13, 5pm

We Want You to Work at Name.com if You’re an Awesome Software Engineer! June 25, 2013 by Alex Kehr | 0 comments We’re look...