08 Jul '13, 9pm

ruby はてブ Rails 4リリース,Turbolinksでページを高速化

Agile Web Development with Rails 4 や,InfoQの編集者だったObie Fernandez氏の

Full article: http://www.infoq.com/jp/news/2013/07/rails4


Ready for Rails 4? Check easily whether a gem i...

ready4rails4.net 10 Jul '13, 8am

Name Status Notes Status or notes updated beautiful_scaffold ready Ok for rails 4 but bugged (> 0.3.0) wait for the stable...

Rails Bootstrap

rubyflow.com 15 Jul '13, 12am

Rails Bootstrap Posted by DanielKehoe on July 15, 2013 — 0 comments Just added to the RailsApps repository: an example app...

Rails 4 Gotchas via @pivotallabs

pivotallabs.com 16 Jul '13, 3am

Rails 4 becomes much more opinionated about the Rails Asset Pipeline, and turns on fingerprinting for assets by default. R...