16 Jul '13, 1pm

“Markdown By Default” is a great convention for notetaking via @pivotallabs @Jonathanpberger

“Markdown By Default” is a great convention for notetaking via @pivotallabs @Jonathanpberger

might be the biggest win in choosing Markdown as a default. There’s little need to pick a new structure every time you take notes. Another big benefit of Markdown is that it works in plaintext, which means its future proof. When Microsoft Word Home Office Supreme 2016 breaks all your old .doc files, plaintext will still be alive and kicking. In fact, you can use Markdown for handwritten documents; I use it all the time to take notes on index cards. There’s another benefit: when I need to transcribe those Markdown index cards, I don’t need to guess whether I was trying to write in bold or whether my pen was leaking. Better yet, transcription becomes incredibly easy: I can transcribe without processing or editing on the first pass, and then review my work, process, edit, and do all sorts of other writerly things. This doesn’t sound that impressive, but I’ve found it to be a

Full article: http://pivotallabs.com/markdown-by-default/


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