21 Jul '13, 9pm

@tomekwojcik that's very cool indeed, I am looking basically into /api and /assets separation of concerns… e.g

Fortunately for Ruby, however, Rails (our dominant framework) has thoroughly embraced Rack, an abstraction layer and specification for the code between a web framework and a web server. This embrace of Rack has brought much-needed oxygen to the specification, and has allowed Merb, Rails, Sinatra, and others to cooperate in a shared space. In the next few months, Merb and Rails will be making their routers a shared Rack component, and the same is true for a number of smaller elements, like parameter parsing. In part, this is possible because unlike WSGI, Rack is a specification *and* a library. In the WSGI universe, the WebOb library provides similar functionality, but is not as widely shared.

Full article: http://yehudakatz.com/2009/03/02/rack-as-a-transformative...


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