30 Jul '13, 6am

Just released Padrino 0.11.3: Bug Fixes Aplenty Thanks to everyone for your hard work!

We are already hard at work on the 0.12.0 branch which will move Padrino to ActiveRecord and ActiveSupport 4 compatibility. The 0.12.0 release will also likely mark the retiring of ruby 1.8.7 support as well. 0.12.0 will be a big release bringing us in line with the latest components and potentially incorporating a routing engine rewrite. More details to come later.

Full article: http://www.padrinorb.com/blog/padrino-0-11-3-released-bug...



ruby-lang.org 03 Aug '13, 6pm

Now Ruby 2.0.0-p247 is released. This release includes a security fix about bundled OpenSSL. Hostname check bypassing vuln...

Attrio 0.5 released

rubyflow.com 29 Jul '13, 7am

By the end of last week we released Attrio-0.5.0. If you still haven't heard anything about Attrio, then know that it is s...