04 Aug '13, 11pm

What is Rack? brushing up on somethings

Rack is a framework to roll your own ruby framework. Rack provides an interface between different web servers and your framework/application. Making it very simple for your framework/application to be compatible with any webserver that supports Rack – Phusion Passenger, Litespeed, Mongrel, Thin, Ebb, Webrick to name a few. Rack cuts your chase. You get request, response, cookies, params & sessions for free. Makes it possible to use multiple frameworks for the same application, provided there is no class collision. Rails and sinatra integration is a good example of this. Middlewares ! Think of middlewares as Rails’s before_filter/after_filter that are reusable across different rack supported frameworks/applications. For example, you can use the same Anti-spamming rack middleware for your Rails app, Sinatra app and your custom Rack application too!

Full article: http://m.onkey.org/ruby-on-rack-1-hello-rack


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