05 Aug '13, 4am

"Test-Driven Fulltext Search in 2 commits with Solr, Sunspot and sunspot_matchers"

There are a number of different tools to implement search– there are dedicated fulltext datastores such as ElasticSearch and Apache Solr, plus conventional relational databases like PostgreSQL that have fulltext search support built-in. Of these, Solr is one of the more established options, and it’s the one I’ve seen used most here at Pivotal Labs. For Ruby projects, Solr has gem support in the form of Sunspot , which provides simple declarative DSLs for indexing and searching your data, and gets you out the door with working search in a very modest amount of code. To show just how simple TTD-ing out Sunspot search can be, let’s implement search.

Full article: http://pivotallabs.com/test-driven-fulltext-search-in-2-c...