05 Aug '13, 1pm

Student File Sharing Database by kdunne0106

The library is a simple file sharing database that will allow students to upload and download college related content (such as .pdfs, books, journal articles etc…). The beauty of the project is its simplicity. Content will be user generated and optimised based on the course each student is taking. Looking for a programmer (preferably a student one) with Ruby on Rails/PHP/MySQL knowledge; understanding of EdgeRank; exp with algorithms; previous database building experience. More details available upon request!

Full article: http://www.freelancer.com/projects/PHP-Ruby-on-Rails/Stud...


A week of a student's electrodermal activity

joi.ito.com 05 Aug '13, 6pm

For over 100 years psychologists have tried to understand the human mind. One part of that has been understanding how we (...

GRBV: A Simple 3D Gerber File Viewer

eetimes.com 05 Aug '13, 8pm

Jérôme Vuarand has been hard at work creating a fun, free, and simple Gerber visualization tool , GRBV. Simply drag and dr...

A Global Alliance for Genomic Data Sharing

A Global Alliance for Genomic Data Sharing

spectrum.ieee.org 05 Aug '13, 1pm

Created in response to the flood of genomic data generated by increasingly affordable gene sequencing technologies, the Gl...