08 Sep '13, 6pm

Limit VoiceOver Reading to a Specific URL via @pivotallabs

Limit VoiceOver Reading to a Specific URL via @pivotallabs

If you are a developer testing web accessibility using OS X’s VoiceOver screen reader, you can follow this guide to limit announcements to a specific application and URL, so that VoiceOver only announces your application content and does not interrupt your development workflow. VoiceOver If you are doing web development on a Mac, VoiceOver is a great tool for smoke testing accessibility in your web applications. VoiceOver is a screen reader for OS X that announces the contents of the desktop, including web content, to a blind user. It is easy to enable and come installed by default. To enable VoiceOver, press <command-f5> and the screen reader will be enabled. Global Settings If you’ve never used VoiceOver before, you may pretty quickly become overwhelmed and subsequently frustrated by the flurry of announcements. If you only need the announcements for specific content, yo...

Full article: http://pivotallabs.com/limit-voiceover-announcements/


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