14 Sep '13, 3pm

@0mn0mn0m @vmg and may give you some ideas. If not, come chat in #rubinius IRC on freenode.

The Rubinius project welcomes your contributions. There are many things to do to help out. Most importantly, you should do something that interests you. That is the best way to have enthusiasm and energy for your work. If you have questions about Rubinius, the best way to get answers is to chat with us in the #rubinius IRC channel on irc.freenode.net. Below are several ideas for things to do on Rubinius. Run Your Code Your code is often more vicious than the specs. Run your pet project under Rubinius and report issues. See How To Write a Ticket . Ask For Help Anything that we can do to help, we will. Make sure to do your own research too, if possible. Rubinius attempts to be a project that you can easily study, learn from, and hopefully extend. We will certainly accept and appreciate simple bug reports, but we can give priority to tickets that include simple steps to repro...

Full article: http://rubini.us/doc/en/contributing/


Google AdSense Live Chat Support

Google AdSense Live Chat Support

seroundtable.com 13 Sep '13, 12pm

A year ago, Google began offering email support to AdSense publishers, which was a big deal. They have even tested phone s...