18 Sep '13, 9am

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A scrum tool for Scrum/Agile team¶ Demo application (with username/password: demo/demo123 ): http://scrum2b.com/projects/scrum2b-demo http://scrum2b.com/scrum2b/board?project_id=scrum2b-demo Some preview images: - Scrum board: https://raw.github.com/scrum2b/scrum2b/master/assets/images/preview/scrum_board.png - List Board Screen: https://raw.github.com/scrum2b/scrum2b/master/assets/images/preview/list_board.png - Plugin Config Screen: https://raw.github.com/scrum2b/scrum2b/master/assets/images/preview/plugin_config.png The tool is developed by Scrum2B Team.

Full article: http://www.redmine.org/plugins/scrum2b


Life is too short for puzzling bug reports! Add screenshots to your #Redmine tickets: @redmineupdates @edavis10

Life is too short for puzzling bug reports! Add...

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