04 Oct '13, 9am

ちょっとこれが気になっている。 ネタは古いけど。って、 Ruby です

Vitally Important or Totally Irrelevant? Jim Weirich Consultant / Compuware [email protected] Slides Available at: http://onestepback.org/articles/depinj O'Reilly Open Source Convention August 1-5, 2005 The 7th Annual O' REILLY® OPEN SOURCE CONVENTION

Full article: http://onestepback.org/articles/depinj/


Learning about #self in #Ruby: @rubylearning is...

rubylearning.com 03 Oct '13, 4pm

Self - The current/default object <Modules/Mixins | TOC | Constants > At every point when your program is running, there i...