16 Oct '13, 11pm

Accessibility of こっち

Added by Jutta Bechtloff about 1 month ago Hello, we are considering to use redmine at our University. One of the big challenges we have to master is that we need a tool that is usable with a screenreader for blind people. Has anyone tested redmine about this? Thanks for all answers Jutta Replies (3) RE: Accessibility of redmine - Added by Jan Niggemann about 1 month ago Interesting question Jutta. I have not tested this, but I know other German universities and Fachhochschulen that use redmine, I imagine they work along the same guidelines for visually impaired people. As redmine is mostly about text, I'd guess it's possible, but I have yet to get to know somewone using a braille terminal or screeenreader... Please post back here if you tested it or have or need more information. RE: Accessibility of redmine - Added by Jutta Bechtloff 22 days ago So, now we've tested a re...

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