17 Oct '13, 5pm

Column Edit Mode in VI

I’ve found that typing in column mode to be very useful when using editors like IntelliJ or TextMate. VI also has a column edit mode, that is a little tricky to use. To use it, press: Ctrl + V to go into column mode Select the columns and rows where you want to enter your text Shift + i to go into insert mode in column mode Type in the text you want to enter. Dont be discouraged by the fact that only the first row is changed. Esc to apply your change (or alternately Ctrl+c) You will now see your changed applied.

Full article: http://pivotallabs.com/column-edit-mode-in-vi/


La nouvelle vient de tomber, #KateMoss devient rédactrice mode pour @BritishVogue !

La nouvelle vient de tomber, #KateMoss devient ...

ykone.com 17 Oct '13, 12pm

Après pas moins de trente-trois couvertures pour le papier glacé le plus stylé de la planète, Kate Moss entend bien infilt...

Nike KD VI "Away"

Nike KD VI "Away"

nicekicks.com 22 Oct '13, 4pm

is tailored to the Oklahoma City Thunder’s road uniforms. With this latest colorway of his newest signature sneaker, Kevin...