16 Nov '13, 10am

#Redmine 2.5.0 のロードマップができてた。カスタムフィールド周りの新機能か。

38% 5 issues (1 closed — 4 open ) Time tracking Estimated time 1 .00 hour Issues by Tracker Status Priority Author Assignee Category Feature 1/5 Related issues Feature #1179 : Optionally allow Text and Long Text custom fields support wiki formatting Feature #1358 : Link_to for Custom Field Feature #2083 : CustomField of type "external-link-to" with configurable URL prefix Feature #8152 : Render Version and User custom fields as links Feature #15275 : Improve usage of label "button_update"

Full article: http://www.redmine.org/versions/75


Next saturday I will be playing for @KEHAKUMAtw World Tour at @Super0Season 0 (Singapore). #Underground

Next saturday I will be playing for @KEHAKUMAtw...

events.insing.com 16 Nov '13, 3pm

Listen up. This is not just another rave. Reminiscent of underground warehouse parties in Europe, the second wave of Super...