25 Nov '13, 5am

[email protected]_maeda 新機能ピックアップ記事もすごく助かってます/複数言語で利用しており、wiki_syntax.html per language(wiki help localization mechanism) も非常に嬉しい!/

Index: lib/redmine/wiki_formatting/textile/helper.rb =================================================================== --- lib/redmine/wiki_formatting/textile/helper.rb (revision 12089) +++ lib/redmine/wiki_formatting/textile/helper.rb (working copy) @@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ def wikitoolbar_for(field_id) heads_for_wiki_formatter # Is there a simple way to link to a public resource? - url = "#{Redmine::Utils.relative_url_root}/help/wiki_syntax.html" + url = "#{Redmine::Utils.relative_url_root}/help/#{current_language.to_s.downcase}/ wiki_syntax.html" javascript_tag("var wikiToolbar = new jsToolBar(document.getElementById('#{field_id}')); wikiToolbar.setHelpLink('#{escape_javascript url}'); wikiToolbar.draw();") end

Full article: http://www.redmine.org/issues/14630


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