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  • #358 Brakeman 16 Jun '12, 5am

    Jun 15, 2012 | 8 minutes | Tools , Security The Brakeman gem will scan the Ruby code of a Rails application and alert you to common security vulnerabilities. Click to Play Video ▶ Tweet Download: source code Project Files in Zip (129 KB) mp4 Full Size H.264 Video (25.5 MB) m4v Smaller...

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  • #359 Twitter Integration (pro) 16 Jun '12, 5am

    #359 Twitter Integration Jun 15, 2012 | 14 minutes | Plugins Here I show how to integrate Twitter into a Rails app. This includes fetching data, caching it, and even how to authenticate as a user signing in to your application through Twitter. Subscribe to Watch Episode Tweet Show Not...

  • ActiveModel::Serializers::JSON 16 Jun '12, 1am

    controls the top-level behavior of as_json . If true (the default) as_json will emit a single root node named after the object’s type. For example:

  • Sam Ruby: Shades of Grey 16 Jun '12, 5am

    (sorry for the delay, the first version of this article died in a spectular system crash) Nelson Minar and Sam Ruby point out that Google is an interesting corner case in its adaption to the Web architecture. Because it uses an "innovative" business model for its new "API", it present...

  • #241 Simple OmniAuth (revised) 16 Jun '12, 8am

    #241 Simple OmniAuth (revised) Jun 02, 2012 | 11 minutes | Authentication , Plugins OmniAuth makes it easy to do user authentication through a third party provider such as Twitter or Facebook. Learn a simple approach in this episode. Subscribe to Watch Episode Tweet Show Notes ASCIIca...

  • ASCIIcast 356 - Dangers of Session Hijacking

    #356 Dangers of Session Hijacking 16 Jun '12, 9am

    It’s quite common after signing in a user to switch back to HTTP as we no longer need the users to submit sensitive information. If we do this, however, our application is vulnerable to session hijacking. This technique, also known as sidejacking, was popularized a couple of years ago...

  • #355 Hacking with Arel (pro) 16 Jun '12, 8am

    #355 Hacking with Arel May 30, 2012 | 15 minutes | Active Record , Refactoring , Search Here I show a variety of ways to rewrite a long SQL query using only Active Record and Arel. This includes generating scopes dynamically, adding an "or" operator, and adding a powerful "match" meth...

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  • Jo[email protected] - Birchbox is looking for experienced RoR Engineers 16 Jun '12, 7pm

    At Pivotal Labs, one of the services we provide our clients is helping them interview and hire. Pivotal Labs and our clients place a strong emphasis on Agile development and its many aspects: Pair Programming, Test-Driven Development, rapid iterations, and frequent refactoring. Below ...

  • activity_feed 16 Jun '12, 8pm

    activity_feed 1.4.0 Activity feeds backed by Redis install gem install activity_feed Download Documentation Subscribe Stats Authors David Czarnecki 2,265 total downloads 3 for this version Owners Links Homepage Gemfile gem "activity_feed", "~> 1.4.0" Versions 1.4.0 June 16, 2012 1.3.0...

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  • Rubyist Magazine - cairo: 2 次元画像描画ライブラリ

    cairo: 2 次元画像描画ライブラリ 16 Jun '12, 3pm

    #!/usr/bin/env ruby require "poppler" if ARGV.size < 1 puts "usage: #{$0} input.pdf" exit(-1) end input = ARGV.shift output = input.sub(/(\.[^.]+)$/, '-thumb\1') columns = 3 rows = 2 pages_in_a_page = rows * columns x_ratio = 1.0 / columns y_ratio = 1.0 / rows input_uri = GLib.filenam...

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  • RedmineUpgrade 16 Jun '12, 8pm

    directory (if upgrading from a version prior to 2.0.0 ) or plugins directory (else, upgrading from a version >= 2.0.0 ) into new installation plugins directory. Make sure that you copy only plugins that are were not initially bundled with your previous Redmine setup.

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  • #126 Populating a Database 16 Jun '12, 10pm

    Sep 08, 2008 | 8 minutes | Active Record , Plugins Have you ever wanted to fill up a database with a lot of test data? See how to do that in this episode using the populator and faker gems. Click to Play Video ▶ Tweet Download: source code Project Files in Zip (448 KB) mp4 Full Size H...

  • File: SASS_REFERENCE 16 Jun '12, 1pm

    Whether an error in the Sass code should cause Sass to provide a detailed description within the generated CSS file. If set to true, the error will be displayed along with a line number and source snippet both as a comment in the CSS file and at the top of the page (in supported brows...

  • Patch #10988: New Korean translation patch 16 Jun '12, 4pm

    모르실수 있지만 Redmine의 최초 한글번역을 제가 했었습니다. 이후에 윤기현님이 다르게 번역 한것을 patch하셔서 우리가 email로 아래와 같이 '이슈'로 되돌리기로 한것을 저와 협의하셨습니다. 하지만 이후에 제가 모르는 사이에 '일감' 이라고 patch가 제출되었는지 수정이 되었더군요. 한글번역을 어떻게 해야 한다는 기준이 있는것은 아니지만 분명히 협의하에 이루어진것을 변경할때는 합의한 사람들에게 양해를 구하는것이 맞다고 생각합니다. 저는 윤기현님과 협의한 마지막 버전인 '이슈'로 되돌린것이구요....

  • ActiveRecord::Serialization 16 Jun '12, 1am

    Additionally, the record being serialized will be passed to a Proc’s second parameter. This allows for ad hoc additions to the resultant document that incorporate the context of the record being serialized. And by leveraging the closure created by a Proc, #to_xml can be used to add el...

  • parallel_runner 16 Jun '12, 10am

    parallel_runner 0.0.2 Simple parallel processing library. install gem install parallel_runner Download Documentation Subscribe Stats Authors mapserver2007 518 total downloads 11 for this version Owners Links Homepage Gemfile gem "parallel_runner", "~> 0.0.2" Versions 0.0.2 June 15, 20...

  • utopia 16 Jun '12, 8am

    Utopia is a framework for building websites.

  • form_forms 16 Jun '12, 10pm

    form_forms 0.2.0 Configurable forms for Rails install gem install form_forms Download Documentation Subscribe Stats Authors Holger Just 34 total downloads 4 for this version Owners Links Homepage Gemfile gem "form_forms", "~> 0.2.0" Versions 0.2.0 June 17, 2012 0.1.0 June 16, 2012 Run...