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  • I've got a little thoughtbot angel or devil on my shoulder 20 Jul '12, 8pm

    Ben and David discuss how he got started with Stattleship, how he came to work with thoughtbot, and what it was like to work with us. Also, how the idea of what he would initially build changed, and how through agile software development he discovered how it was wrong. How he learned ...

  • Heroku add-on for image management in the cloud 20 Jul '12, 12pm

    Heroku add-on for image management in the cloud Posted by Cloudinary on July 20, 2012 — 0 comments This blog post talks about Cloudinary's Heroku add-on for cloud-based image management. Easy integration with Heroku's Ruby on Rails stack included. Comments “ ” Post a Comment Comment a...

  • The third playbook video, "Design" is now unlocked! This 30min HD video covers our design principles and process

    Third Playbook video, "Design", now unlocked! 20 Jul '12, 4pm

    July 20, 2012 Tagged: design development playbook Comments (View) Third Playbook video, “Design”, now unlocked! It’s been two weeks since we launched The Playbook: Video Edition , and that means we’ve just unlocked the 3rd video in the series: Design. In this 30 minute HD video I cove...

  • Rejected logo options for Spree

    Rejected Logo Options for Spree | Spree Commerce 20 Jul '12, 6pm

    Rejected Logo Options for Spree Posted July 20, 2012 by Sean Schofield Comments Over two years ago we asked our friends at Dynamo to come up with a cool new logo for Spree. They came through with the awesome logo that we all know and love today. I thought it would be fun, however, to ...

  • Episode #290 - June 22nd, 2012 20 Jul '12, 1pm

    July 17, 2012 Ruby 1.9.3 with Clang, Clear Eyes gem, Advanced Caching tutorial update, Axlsx for creating Excel Spreadsheets, and MiniProfiler Ruby Edition July 13th, 2012 CodeClimate for open source projects, testing JSON APIs, faster asset precompilation, pruning your branches, reti...

  • Talks v0.4.0 is out 20 Jul '12, 2pm

    Talks v0.4.0 is out Posted by gazay on July 20, 2012 — 0 comments Talks v0.4.0 is out! New options made it more cool. Useful example for talks and autotesting coffee by @kossnocorp Comments “ ” Post a Comment Comment abilities for non registered users are currently deactivated, pendin...

  • capifony 20 Jul '12, 11am

    Capistrano is an open source tool for running scripts on multiple servers. It’s primary use is for easily deploying applications. While it was built specifically for deploying Rails apps, it’s pretty simple to customize it to deploy other types of applications. This package is a d...

    1. capifony 16 Jul '12, 8am
  • Are you a developer in LA? Don't forget to come to our Applied Gaming event at the Standard Hotel (Downtown) tomorrow!

    Next Thursday: Hello My Game Is… | Engine Yard Blog 20 Jul '12, 6pm

    Whether you work in mobile, web or in the real world, gamification is quickly becoming one of the hottest ways to engage customers and users. “Hard-Working Games” can motivate movers, shakers, and players of all stripes. But learning the shoots and ladders of the gamification process ...

  • jubatus 20 Jul '12, 8am

    jubatus 0.1.0 Jubatus client for Ruby install gem install jubatus Download Documentation Subscribe Stats Authors Jubatus Team 10 total downloads 10 for this version Owners Links Homepage Gemfile gem "jubatus", "~> 0.1.0" Versions 0.1.0 July 20, 2012 Runtime Dependencies msgpack-rpc ~>...

  • rake db:test:prepare 20 Jul '12, 3pm

    I'm having fun with a legacy DB (SQL Server), and in the process found some code in rails/lib/tasks/databases.rake which feels wrong. 0) Errors which occur during this phase of a rake:test or rake:spec tend to be ignored, although they are logically fatal. In the best case, this means...

  • intermine 20 Jul '12, 7am

    This library provides an interface to the InterMine webservices API. It makes construction and execution of queries more straightforward, safe and convenient, and allows for results to be used directly in Ruby code. As well as traditional row based access, the library provides an obje...

    1. cassandra 20 Jul '12, 2am
  • Active Record <3 blocks 20 Jul '12, 4am

    Карлос Антонио (Carlos Antônio) из небезызвестной Plataformatec написал отличную статью о том, как можно использовать блоки при вызове некоторых методов Active Record. Например, вместо такого подхода: do |user| = "John Doe" user.username = "john.doe" user.passwo...

  • fluent-plugin-woothee 20 Jul '12, 8am

    fluent-plugin-woothee 0.0.1 parsing by Project Woothee. See install gem install fluent-plugin-woothee Download Documentation Subscribe Stats Authors TAGOMORI Satoshi 5 total downloads 5 for this version Owners Links Homepage Gemfile gem "fluent-plu...

    1. fluent-plugin-woothee 20 Jul '12, 8am
  • Double Shot #919 20 Jul '12, 12pm

    Friday, July 20, 2012 at 5:29AM If there is anything more absurd than software patents, I'm not sure what it is. Latency: The New Web Performance Bottleneck - Yes, that pesky speed of light thing is getting in the way of a faster internet. Backbone.js: Hacker's Guide - A look through ...

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  • is back up... had been down due to a DNS error on my part 20 Jul '12, 4pm

    This is a guest post by Rusty Zarse CTO of Search Discovery, spurred by a series of email conversations that we had regarding the difficulty of finding experienced Rails talent. Rusty leads the Atlanta iOS Developers meetup and is one of the better known technologists in our city. Whe...

  • Ruby Core 20 Jul '12, 4pm

    Now is a fantastic time to follow Ruby’s development, with Ruby 2.0 development underway. With the increased attention Ruby has received in the past few years, there’s a growing need for good talent to help enhance Ruby and document its parts. So, where do you start? The topics relate...

  • barinek@pivotal boulder - American Thrombosis and Hemostasis Network (ATHN) is looking for a Web Application Developer 20 Jul '12, 5pm

    At Pivotal Labs, one of the services we provide our clients is helping them interview and hire. Pivotal Labs and our clients place a strong emphasis on Agile development and its many aspects: Pair Programming, Test-Driven Development, rapid iterations, and frequent refactoring. Rails ...

  • merge two arrays into a hash 20 Jul '12, 2am

    Hi all, I have looked at some of the answers in the forum, but they do not seem to fit. I want to merge two array into a hash like so: key = [ "1", "2", "3"] value = [ "a", "b" ] into: myhash = {'1' => 'a' , '2' => 'b' , '3' => ''} Can this be done without creating new classes and met...

    1. rake db:test:prepare 20 Jul '12, 3pm
  • 102 - July 19, 20 Jul '12, 3am

    Welcome to issue 102. I'm busy preparing for the next run of Ruby Reloaded , my online Ruby course aimed at intermediate Rubyists. 6 seats remain with 6 days till it starts - check it out! Other than that.. here we go with the week's best :-) - Peter. Headlines Now In Print: 'Deployin...

  • fluent-plugin-woothee 20 Jul '12, 8am

    fluent-plugin-woothee 0.0.1 parsing by Project Woothee. See install gem install fluent-plugin-woothee Download Documentation Subscribe Stats Authors TAGOMORI Satoshi 3 total downloads 3 for this version Owners Links Homepage Gemfile gem "fluent-plu...

    1. fluent-plugin-woothee 20 Jul '12, 8am
  • RubyForge: User Account Registration 20 Jul '12, 7am

    This email address will be verified before account activation. You will receive a mail forward account at <[email protected]> that will forward to this address.

  • cassandra 20 Jul '12, 2am

    cassandra 0.13.0 A Ruby client for the Cassandra distributed database. install gem install cassandra Download Documentation Subscribe Stats Authors Evan Weaver, Ryan King 54,553 total downloads 11 for this version Owners Links Homepage Source Code Bug Tracker Gemfile gem "cassandra", ...

    1. intermine 20 Jul '12, 7am
  • giant robots smashing into other giant robots 20 Jul '12, 6am

    Ben and Josh discuss FactoryGirl: using it, its development progress, and features. What it’s like to run an open source project, and how to contribute to open source effectively. Looking at your old code and being a better developer. Approaches to testing. And answer your questions a...

  • update_attributes (ActiveRecord::Base) 20 Jul '12, 7pm

    This method is deprecated or moved on the latest stable version. The last existing version (v2.3.8) is shown here. These similar methods exist in v3.2.1: ActiveResource::Base#update_attributes Rails::Generators::ActiveModel#update_attributes ActiveRecord::Persistence#update_attributes

  • check_box_tag (ActionView::Helpers::FormTagHelper) 20 Jul '12, 7pm

    In a /index type listing page we can no longer assume that the list of ids coming back represents changes to all objects so we need to provide some context, that the list of object modifications in our params array is a list of modifications for some set of objects.

  • Comunidad Ruby en Guadalajara MX 20 Jul '12, 5pm

    Hola Javier, te comparto lo que pienso. Genial! Hay muchas personas interesadas en Ruby en México, eso es bueno. Tanto personas que ya saben como que quieren aprender, lo cual le da variedad al asunto. Habiendo dicho esto... ¿recuerdan la anécdota de la gallina y el puerco? http://bit...

  • Phusion Passenger users guide, Nginx version 20 Jul '12, 9pm

    You can temporarily unload (disable) Phusion Passenger from Nginx, without uninstalling the Phusion Passenger files, so that Nginx behaves as if Phusion Passenger was never installed in the first place. This might be useful to you if, for example, you seem to be experiencing a problem...

    1. Phusion Passenger users guide: 26 Jul '12, 8pm